Things I Miss in Chicago

Ok, this post is not a rant about the city. I love Chicago, esp since I stay in the suburbs. In fact, it is going to inspire my next post. After all, I began my happily married life here, had Baby T here.

This is just a random list inspired by my visit back home. So here goes:
Things I Miss in Chicago:

  • My family
  • sunshine
  • monsoon season and the sweet smell of moist earth
  • wet clothes flapping in the sun as they get dried
  • Eating puchkas on the road side
  • Gobbling on lots of junk food on the roadside
  • Ceiling fans. Yup, I find the whirring of fans soothing. I have no idea why.
  • Windows from which you can peek into your neighbors squabbles in the morning and dinner at night.
  • Local trains
  • Cheap accessories on those trains
  • The satisfaction of finally sitting at the window seat after starting from Fourth seat
  • Wedding functions, glittery, elaborate and noisy. Oodles of fun for everyone.
  • Being decked up to the hilt at functions in colorful, almost-to-the-point-of-being-garishly shiny clothes
  • Gossipping at and about those functions
  • drinking fresh water drawn from a well
  • Cribbing about how the guys go crazy about cricket
  • Firecrackers in Diwali
  • lighting diyas for Diwali
  • The noisy bustle of the city
  • Ironwale Bhaiyya– how wonderful to have someone come home, collect unironed clothes, iron them and deliver back home
  • Kaamwali Aunties aka Bai to do all the household chores
  • the same Bais to supply local gossip
  • Door delivery of practically everything
  • Autorickshaws to ferry me around. No need to depend on Hubby dear or inflict my horrible driving on unsuspecting fellow commuters
  • Lots of festivals and celebrations
  • Holiday from work and school on those holidays
  • Seeing cows, stray dogs and even chickens on the roads
  • deliberately jumping into muddy puddles in the road
  • playing Antakshari during power failures
  • being able to peek into neighbors apartments and chat through the window
  • children screaming from the ground to call their friends to play
  • Gully cricket. I do not play but like to watch kids who do
  • Radio Mirchi
  • Glass bangles
  • punjabi kulfi on a hot summer night
  • Summer vacation trip to my native town
  • Playing board games and cards on the Upper berth in trains
  • bathing in the river
  • getting new vessels for old clothes
  • Saving old newspapers and magazines to sell to the raddiwala
  • Selling bottles and other junk to the Bhangarwala
  • Going to Melas
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