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Yet another post on all the great things that happened this week.

    Baby had her third set of vaccinations and BCG. She was an angel through all of it.
    It rained here. So, the weather is much better now.
    Baby laughed her first proper consecutive laughs. Isn’t that awesome? She has chuckled only twice before but that too only singly. Never a series of good, hearty laughs.
    Started studying for my college. Doing some serious prep work.
    Watched some beautiful Bharatnatyam performances on SVBC channel.
    I still fit into some of my wedding dresses. Even after the baby! And all those chocolates that Hubby kept buying for me.
    Hubbyji is doing all the packing and moving while I vacation here, back in India. Bless his soul! [ and also Lucky Me! 🙂 ]

Hope the weeks ahead are just as blessed and joyful for everyone reading this too!