Lessons from Baby

Here are few lessons I learnt as a brand new 2 month old Mom

    Every day teaches us something new. Be prepared to learn and unlearn!
    Only newbie parents obsess over Baby’s poop. It does NOT make for scintillating conversation. So, seriously, stick to other subjects.
    Babies are small. But they sure rule the roost.
    No matter how tired you are, a Baby’s smile can instantly perk you up. Nothing else can do that. Well, maybe ginseng tea can.
    Put everything away Now. Do your stuff NOW. Because that is the only time you have.
    Never commit to anything or make hasty commitments unless they are important for life like doctor appointments. You won’t make it.
    I won’t be able to post 7 points today. Refer to above point for the reason why!

5 thoughts on “Lessons from Baby

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  1. As a mum of four, 8 years down the line doing stuff now is a great plan but part of that needs to be if you find the time to rest grab it, even when you feel like you’ve done nothing you’ve achieved a huge amount with your little one and it’s ok to be tired and rest. Also I think I need to find some ginseng tea!


      1. My youngest is 7 months, today started at 4.30am, I’m still in the thick of it. I may have put lemonade in two cups of tea today by accident! It flies past though, I have no idea where my tiny baby girl went, now she’s all fashion and bieber (don’t get me started there!) and trying out her attitude, it’s terrifying but so much fun too!


  2. 12 yrs down and to I still do not commit to anything, definitely not hastily:) I still have a lot of PLANS as PLANS:) But, I second the opinion that NOW is the time to take REST also:) Happy Mothering!!


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