Hip Hip Hurrah

The week that just flew by was one that made me go Yippee! and Hip Hip Hurrah!

Reasons? Here’s why?

Our little angel turned two months old.

This was the first week (ok, five days) with no Grandma. And I am happy to observe that we, as Mom and Dad did not do too badly.

Yet another cuz tied the knot and gave us one more cause for celebration. May the newly wed couple find lasting happiness and enjoy true love.

It rained. [when you grow up in a city where it pours cats and dogs for four months of the year, you start missing the season. I know! I am hopeless. 🙂 ]

Baby got her passport. We are now ready to book tickets to let all the other grandparents spoil our sweet munchkin.

I got free crockery. Yup, courtesy a friend who is permanently moving back home to India. Wahoo!

Ok, the coming one is supplied by Hubby dear. I was looking for a seventh point to round up my Yippee! list and this one sounds good. So, even though I do not follow cricket or IPL- here goes: Mumbai Indians won over Chennai Super Kings.


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