Writing Daily – Day 6

Temperatures are dropping really low. The weather is dull and gray. It’s dismal and gloomy. What does one do at such times?

For the Hubby and me , mostly it’s a trip to the mall. Some window shopping, some admiring and droolingW, a hot coffee, lots of talking, and dinner at a restaurant.

Movies are also a great way to beat the blues. Mindless TV/ movie provides everything. Action, suspense, drama, comic relief, romance. Add some yummy snacks and a great source of future conversations and gossip, what more could a gal ask!

Another awesome way to spend time is to call friends over, share gossip and stories, have snacks and spend time in good company. Time just flies when you are with friends.

Board games- Hubby and I found out are not just for kids. It’s a fun way to pass time and enjoy yourselves.

If let just by myself, I’d just read and read and read and continue to read some more. I loo…..ove reading.

What do you folks do in cold winters? Share your tips and tricks, please!

Share your thoughts and comments here.

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