Writing Daily – Day 5

What I learnt from NaNoWriMo!
That is my post for today.

At the outset, let me clarify a few things. I did not finish the challenge. My novel is just a bunch of random chapters, incoherent characters, and so on. These are lessons for me and perhaps will not be useful to anybody else. Unless you have the same disorganized, easily distracted, procrastinating core persona like I do.

Despite all this, I did learn quite a lot from the whole exercise. Enough to write a proper post on it. And thus begins the fifth post of this week’s DP Challenge.

    To begin or not to Begin.
    Decide if you wish to participate or not. Indecisiveness about content, characters, scripts is excusable. But not to the question of whether to write at all. And definitely not post November 5. I registered on 8th evening, CT! Next time, if I have not logged in by 5 th, I shall not participate at all. No point in making things harder than what they are.
    Make up your mind.
    Be clear on what genre the novel falls in. When a novel ( like mine did) starts on a sarcastic note, going tragic, then happy and then moves to angry, it reads more like the ramblings of somebody suffering from dementia. ( Hmmm… Maybe I ought to rename my book Writings Of A Dementia Patient. )
    Plotting for Success
    Get a definite story or plot ready beforehand. While changes do happen and often, too, it IS a must to have some direction to your novel. I had grand visions of unleashing my creativity and not be bogged down by plot lines initially. Unfortunately, neither my characters nor I had any idea of where we were going. Imagine walking in circles in a desert with no compass, map, and NO WATER! Not a good idea!
    Delete the Delete Button.
    Saying I Woke up Today Morning and I Just Hated Everything! suits Angelina Jolie, not a stressed out, desperately-aiming-for-50k words NaNoWriMo writer (especially first timers like moi). So, for Heaven’s sake, do not delete anything even if you hate it. Meet the 50K, get listed as a winner, then go for editing.
    Writing is hard work. Remember this at all times.
    Writing is fun. And that is what makes all the deadlines, stress, the heart wrenching process of making the novel so much bearable.
    Everybody’s a Winner at NaNoWriMo.
    Yup, irrespective of whether or not you meet the 50 K deadline, whether your novel is coherent or rambling, makes sense or not, is finished or not, at least you have begun. Instead of fantasizing about ever writing a book, you actually put pen to paper and start. And that in itself makes you a winner.
    To tell the truth, I felt and still feel like a star simply because I began my novel.
    Try, try until you succeed.
    Or Write, write until you succeed! as the case may be. 🙂

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