Writing Daily – Day 2

Merry Christmas to all!
Hope everybody has had a lovely Christmas, full of presents, joy and cheer. it is the season of giving and receiving. While I do not celebrate Christmas, I am thankful to God because for being blessed enough to receive so much.

In today’s post, I give you all the things I am glad to receive.
The absolutely yummy Fruit and Nut cake that Hubbyji baked. My husband is one of those delightfully caring men who are ever thoughtful and can cook. He has continued the tradition of giving me a cake on Christmas that we had back home before marriage. This is especially endearing to me not only because we don’t have Christmas, and definitely any celebration at his home but also because eggless cakes have to baked at home in Chicago. That is a huge amount of effort and commitment people.
On that note, I am thankful for my entire family. I know I am not an easy person to endure let alone love. Love you all.
Appreciate receiving news of my friends back home. Am sooo happy you girls mailed.
The reading habit. I have to thank Mommy dearest for that. It is one of the most useful habits when you are snowed in half the year with not much to do.
M&B novels. To all the wonderful romance novelists out there, thanks for keeping the spirit of love alive. Love your books.
For the splendid feast I gorged on today- gutti vankai ( a spicy eggplant recipe) and the yummy sambar ( pearl onion gravy accompaniment for rice).
A phone call from the bro studying in the US. Your calls always perk me up. Am glad you called.
The sight of wispy, clean snow falling slowly is something I love.
Digital cameras- oh the joy of photography and instant sharing.
Internet radio.
Board games. Oodles of fun and entertainment.

Oops. This was stuck in my drafts but better late than never!!!


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