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Writing everyday is tough. So, am glad when the week will be up. (shows my enthusiasm level, doesn’t it? I have not even started and am looking forward to when it will be over)

Well, never mind. For today’s post, I am listing things I am eagerly awaiting this week.
Hubbyji’s Fruit and Nut cake. Hopefully, I will get to savor this today itself.
Seeing my week old nephew again.
Watching Season 2 of I Dream of Jeannie. I love that show.
Finishing my A-Z challenge. I really need to finish this before the New Year. I am solo excited.
Christmas decorations. I love the lights and ornaments.
The first major snowfall of this winter. It will be my Mom’s first, so we are going to have FUN!
Successfully finishing this challenge.
Using my nail art kit.
Wearing my new clothes. Thank you Mom for all that loot. šŸ˜€
Polishing off the dozen chocolates at home. Yum!

And that is all for today. Now it’s off to ponder on tomorrow’s post. šŸ™‚