August- time for Friends

August was a time for friends. Now I am happy to say that I had not quantified my resolution, else it would have perhaps of been accomplished. But hey, the point is to be happy, right.
Here’s the rundown then:
Spoke to my best friend since school time on Skype. Since she is in Europe and I am in Chicago, this is a lovely way to connect.
Updated myself with the travels and adventures of my college best friend who is studying and traipsing all over Europe. Talk about time management to this girl.
Went gymming seriously to bond with other housewives and now friends here.
Made it a point to talk over Bell’s invention to local friends at least once a week.
Connected with cousins spread over this huge country via Skype, FaceTime and ( hee hee) free calls.
Was more active on Facebook chatting and messaging, thus making time for friends and acquaintances.

So, it was a good month on the whole.
But it also brought home the point that I am really grateful to technology and speedier means of communication. And I would like to dedicate this post to all the scientists and engineers who invented and are still improving the ways in which we connect to people. They have made our lives so much easier, so much better and richer. I for one am able to ignore geographical distances, (we are talking continents, people) all thanks to these splendid methods of communication.
Thank you.


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