My Reasons to visit ‘The Wilds’ – Cumberland, Ohio!

Vast spaces- 10000 acres of it- makes at least city brats used to dwelling in tiny flats awestruck at the largeness of it all
Ziplining tours for the adventurous- guaranteed to give a different view of the Conservation park!
Cooling off on a hot summer day. Getting dirty is enjoyable especially as it helps to attract the females! 🙂
Wild donkeys- they remind me of the comic cartoon OmPaPa. Brother Donkeys sure are adorable looking.
This old gal is an eccentric Asian rhino and one of the oldest inhabitants. She likes to assert her influence by shoving safari buses. Luckily, the bus drivers know to steer clear of her during her moods!
This old fella has been retired to introduce other younger males. consider yourself lucky if he deigns to gift you a look.
Adult female and young camels trot alongside buses hoping to coerce tourists into parting with food. Watch out for the sensitive pregnant ones and don’t chomp on snacks like the guide warns.
Elvis the zebra is a star attraction. His major antic is to come hurtling towards the enclosure gates and try to sneak in to the rhino enclosure with a loud cry. And since nobody lets him do that, he hangs around gazing miserably through the wired fences. He really is too sweet to watch.
The glittering Swan lake is just splendid to look at. It also marks a well needed stop to stretch and watch swans glide by.
I had to see swans in action to actually understand why they represent Valentines. Ahhh! Who doesn’t love Romance?
The very social two horned rhinos babies are fourth generation animals living and breeding at The Wilds. Commendable how scientific studies and conservation happen here in such harmony.
Mamma and Baby rhino. they really make you go Awwww!!
Wild dogs- I have never seen them outside of Jungle Book on T.V. and hope not to either. These are vicious animals that hunt in eeeps… packs.
What I found more interesting than the regal cheetahs lazing under the sun was the warning placed outside. “Please do not enter as the animals may fall sick eating intruders”. Okay, the words were different but the meaning was the same. Ah yes, their health IS MOST important.
Before you leave, do visit the restaurant. As a vegetarian, I cannot comment on the food, but I will extol the view. Breathtakingly magnificent!

Note to any Readers:

Firstly, thanks for reading this!!!

Secondly, The Wilds is a Conservatory cum Safari Park cum Learning Center spread over 10K acres in Ohio. This place was the first stop during my family road trip this summer. A post pending since long, I decided to add images and captions instead of a lengthy post; thus also qualifying for a DP Challenge. [Lazy me! Read blog title for additional confirmation]

Also, I’d like to add for the benefit of any sensitive readers or potential tourists whose next trip might be influenced by Yours Truly [Really! Wow!!] note that the animals in this place are all well fed and well cared for. My comments are intended solely for fun and/or are a reproduction of some of the tongue in cheek tales of the guide. The part about Elvis is true however. 🙂

But please refer the official website for exact and factual details regarding timings, facilities, tours and stuff.

Share your thoughts and comments here.

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