July – Leisure

July was the month for Leisure and truly it was. And how was that?

Well, for one thing Hubbyji’s parents were here. So, I had company in the form of my amazing MIL. Oh,the times we spent chatting and laughing. Awesome.

Sightseeing in Chicago city was amazing too, especially the Skydeck which I’d never been too. The view is just exhilarating. I would also like to gush about the Shanghai Circus at Navy Pier at this point. Their troupe was just fantastic.

Our road trip to different cities was equally memorable. It deserves a post or two of its own which I’ll definitely be putting up as soon as I finalise my draft.

Leisure means fun and fun was our First Anniversary celebration. I got a wonderful iPad while Hubbyji had to make do with my home baked eggless cake and carrot Halwa.

Of course, I cannot think of leisure or fun without books featuring as a major factor. New membership in a second library and the FreeBooks app on the iPad ensured that my thirst or books was well taken care of.

Movies like Madagascar, Ice Age, Avengers were the icing on the cake. (the cheese fries deserve a special mention too!)

All in all, July’s goals were well accomplished.

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