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A post about sounds.

That sounds interesting, I thought. And then it struck me. I think in terms of sounds. I find silence awkward and depressing. Stress relief for me is a chat with Dear Mom or a foot tapping song or  an hour at the beach- listening to the waves crashing and the winds whispering.

So let me begin with enumerating my favorite sounds:

First has to be the sound of bangles. The tinkle of  bangles, metal or glass as my Mom went about her daily remembering is one of the earliest sound I remember. It also is for me one of the sweetest sounds in the world.

Another sound close to my heart is the crisp  sound of pages of a book (and money too! :P) Have you heard the sound of a pen as we scribble our innermost thoughts in a diary? The steady hum of the nib as the words flow pausing only for furtive looks to ensure no one is looking.

Even my choice of season is based on the cheerful cacophony that accompanies it. Rainy season is my favorite simply because  I like  hearing the  clouds thundering, the rains lashing against the windows, the adorable sound of puddles as I step into them, the sounds of birds chirping happily.  And yes, children playing noisily while their mothers scream at them to get back inside and dry off and for their sake better not catch a cold.

Silence according to me is just the absence of sounds, a preclude to drama and   and if I’m watching the Hubby’s choice of movie – then horror. Silence to me, signifies the absence of loved ones to converse with, friends to tease and confidantes to whisper secrets to.

I definitely prefer a mother’s lullaby, a hearty chuckle, a baby’s giggle, the ice cream vendor’s clanging bells, the sonorous sounds of priests chanting to plain silence. How about you?