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I seemed to be either running out of ideas or time whenever I thought to blog the past month. But hopefully that will change from this month.

Ha ha ha! Is that your thought? How mean! Let me mention here that I blog everyday as part of my 365 day challenge. Check it here:

And that is sometimes the problem. I have my book reading and A-Post-A-Day challenges there and my Happiness Project is chronicled here. What then am I to do when I run out of something spectacular to say? A post like the one you are reading at this very moment.

Being the Engineer and hence avid Googler that I am. I decided to search the query Topics to Blog About. And spent a delightful hour reading up some amazing blogs and Lists. Here’s are five that I found: – This post gave me three great resources for blogging ideas. has a lot of stuff on a myriad number of topics. While this particular link has embedded link for essays, there’s no reason why essay topics cannot be used for posts, is there? – I also liked the topics listed for journal entries in this link and found quite some interesting topics to blog about. Another entry from that is titled 20 Ideas for Writing a Blog Post. – this one is another popular link.

Now that I am revved up with plenty of things to write about, I have decided to blog twice a week. Happy Blogging!

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