June- Family First

Hmm… It’s a week already since June began and I have not posted anything about the past month or the coming. Very remiss of me and something I intend to rectify immediately.

First: what does June entail? Well, simple. Putting the family first. That means pampering the Taller Half, regular calls and Skype sessions with our large and loving family, more frequent updates of photos and emails. And more importantly, no sulking or impatience. Which knowing myself, is easier said than done. 🙂

But, I am happy to say that I have already commenced with this month’s targets. In fact, it was this morning that I conferenced with four different families, which totalled 12 people including me and Hubs dear. God, that was a riot. It was awesome! For the first few minutes, we all waved and bared our toothy jaws and chuckled at the sight of grinning faces and flapping arms. But it was great, and after marvelling at how technology helps us savour these little moments of joy despite vast geographical distances, we yakked away to glory. Amazing!!

I hope the joy continues.

Coming to the result of May. Well, that was a let down. I didn’t accomplish much. Barely got through any studying. So, bit of a disappointment there. But on the other hand, I helped a friend with some basic English, hung out lots with friends, travelled and hiked some, tried some recipes and in general, had a gala time. I also studied some of the Udacity courses quite sincerely and tried nurturing some herbs.

In conclusion, target-wise the month was a disaster. But, happiness wise- it was really splendid. Here’s hoping that  the next month will be just like the first four and end on a successful note, it’s Ciao from me folks!!

Have a Nice Summer!

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