May – Pursue a Passion

Pursue a Passion is the theme for May and I was pondering on the subject for long. I thought about my various interests and tried to base the month’s tasks on these. But I kept getting stuck on all.

Reading is my foremost passion but I’m already well into my A-Z project in my Google blog. For the curious, click here. So, that was striked off the list.

I wondered next about blogging daily perhaps but again, I’m slagging a bit on my 365 post Challenge. In fact, I just wrote an extra post about it, again on Blogger just this morning. To read about my furtive attempts at consistently posting every day, click here.

Music comes next but even that proved to be a dead lead. I sing in the kitchen, while ironing, when Hubby and I are enjoying the Bose speakers or driving anyplace, even when am gymming. In fact, music is the only thing I love when battling the machines that pass off for fitness aids. Never mind.Topic change. One word more in this vein, and I can feel a full rant coming on, courtesy yesterday’s chocolates.

But then, I thought of my current mantra ( Try, as mentioned in one of my previous posts) and decided that Learning is one of my passions. In true Learner style, based on Clifton’s strengthsfinder, I decided that my passion for the month would be learning something new everyday.

This is how I’m planning to go about it. Learning is quite subjective and quantifying it will be a problem, so, I’ve decided to set some parameters to ascertain if I learnt something in the day or not. Here are some of my options:

Read one chapter of any technical book.

Learn five new words.

Complete half a unit of any technical online course. Since, I’m studying Udacity’s online courses, I can add those as well. Cheating? Well- I AM learning something.

I’m also planning to study French after reading a very inspiring article on the subject of learning foreign languages. Read the post by fellow blogger Camille here. So, for good measure – one chapter of online course on French as well.

I don’t know how I will do it daily but I’m banking on the success of the past few resolutions to inspire me to continue in the same happy momentum.

So long then. Au revoir! [Today I am studying chapter 1 of Beginner A1 level. 🙂 ]


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  1. Good Luck!! And as you said in your one minute sales pitch — “I’ve formally adopted ‘Try’ as my mantra for the year 2012” — the important thing is to attempt.


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