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And the results of April are:

I have been trying to follow all of April’s rules very very religiously and have pretty much succeeded in keeping up. Our house is neat for the most part. I tidy up before hitting the gym (yes, that is on too!) and before the better half gets home. The kitchen is quite orderly with post-its even for the fridge. My laundry and ironing are always in control meaning there is no mad morning scramble for clean or ironed clothes. Even my coupons and library books and DVDs are in efficient order.

The best was when a couple friend of ours came over from India to our place. Ordinarily I would have had a mild cardiac arrest over the cleaning but no, I only had to dispose five Tshirts that were left to iron and the day’s mail. I was pleasantly surprised and hugely pleased with myself. Yippee!!

In fact, I am rather looking forward to May’s resolution. Here’s to even better days of tackling the Happiness Project.