Summer is Here!


A snapshot of the beautiful sky as we drove out of the Aurora temple. It was sunny after many gloomy days. The sky was this vivid blue with cheery wisps of clouds floating far above. It was just so delightful that I had to pause and capture the moment.

I love this photo not just for the sunny atmosphere but also the upbeat mood that it set. Has there ever been a day that made your heart soar with simple delight? Do share with me.


2 thoughts on “Summer is Here!

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  1. It’s finally here! It seemed so long back home & badly wanted to end it even before it started, now living in a cold country I long for summer year long 🙂


    1. Hmm… Happens. We take lots for granted and then long for it when it is taken away. I have been in Chicago for less than a year and long for the sunny cheerfulness of home. (well, maybe minus the sweating part) 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the weather while it lasts.


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