Egyptian Adventure

A Lightning bolt lit up the desert sky just as the bold explorers entered the centuries-old pyramid. Without flinching, armed with backpacks, the two strode in with grim determination and reckless courage.

The inside of the vast tomb of ancient Pharaohs was cold, dark and eerie. Less knowledgeable archaeologists would have found the complex, web-covered hieroglyphics daunting but not these siblings. Janet and Peter walked on, noting and translating the stone inscriptions with a torch and a magnifying glass. “Inside the Gold Room” deciphered Peter only to see Janet already walking gleefully beyond the rope barricades. The two ignored the signs placed by the authorities cautioning against the dangers of getting lost. The arrows pointing in different directions were for sightseers, not treasure hunters intent on having the Book of Life.

Once within the Gold room, the two quickly located the scorpion sentinel adorned in gold. He guarded the entrance to the secret chamber. Overlooking the forbidding countenance, the daring duo shoved him aside with all their might. Underneath lay a gold footprint that would swing open to their ultimate goal.

“Ouch!” screamed Janet.

“That gold bee just bit me.” she added after a pause.

“Gold bug indeed!” snorted Peter, “it was a mosquito and shut up. You always spoil everything.”

“Fine. Play by yourself. It’s a dumb game anyway. I’m watching Pokémon” shouted ten-year old Janet, storming downstairs. Peter looked around. The attic in Grandpa’s house did not look like a pyramid with his twin gone. The dilemma to continue the make-believe or watch TV hung like a question mark in the air. Shrugging, he descended to the hall.

Note: This post is a story in response to Hannah’s awesome competition and has actually come in the top three entries. Yippee! View results here and read her blog here.

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    1. Thank you very much. I possess a fertile imagination and Hannah’s story competition is an amazing outlet to really set my creative juices flowing. 🙂

      Am glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by.


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