Organizing or Agonizing?

Here’s a quick update on the past nine days of trying to be organized.

These nine days saw me attack my house keeping and clutter with a vengeance at the beginning. Then all my enthusiasm started deteriorating rapidly. Reason? Simple, cleaning begets cleaning. I started seeing clutter pretty much everywhere. I’ve come to the sorry realization that I’m way behind my housekeeping and cleaning work and that a whole month of spring cleaning will be needed at the very least to get things back in order.

But let me focus on the good part.

  • My laundry is under control. Yayyy!
  • All the ironing was done till I washed clothes again! Sigh. But I did iron enough clothes to last the better half for a week, so I can focus on ironing two or three items at a time without feeling the pressure.
  • I sorted out three whole shelves in the kitchen. My medicine cabinet and hall closet are also done. Yippee! I even stuck Post-its on them; so I just needed to update the list yesterday when I replenished the supplies.
  • I’ve actually come to the stage when the sink and kitchen counters are clean and bare for two hours at a stretch.
  • I’m still religiously filing all papers and bills immediately. Hubs even bought me a new file since the old one was full. Awesome!
  • I’ve not advanced to dusting various odd surfaces daily, but am now in the stage of doing it weekly. Hopefully, the end of the month will see me accomplish that as well.
  • My next step is to attack the refrigerator. I seriously need to sort everything in there. I waste so much time doing acrobatic stunts trying to get the veggies I need without displacing all the other precariously balanced foodstuffs.
  • The kitchen definitely needs more order. But I’m doing it chunks. After all, I am a complete dunce in the kitchen with my culinary skills rating worse than my organizing capabilities. No wonder, point three and four brought me so much joy.
  • The one minute was easy to follow. The ten minute rule slightly more inconvenient. Relaxing for ten minutes sometimes seems more pressing than de-cluttering, but up till now managed to keep the temptations at bay with a firm talking to and some peppy tunes on the Bose speakers.
I have realized that it takes a consistent effort to keep the clutter under control. But it is well worth the effort.
Here’s to a Happy Spring Cleaning!

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