March- Appreciate

With the end of March, it’s time to evaluate my goals and targets for the month.

March meant Appreciation month for me. My goals were to resume my Gratitude Journal. This is a diary wherein I list all the things that caused me joy or reminded me to thank God for the blessed life I lead. Just a succinct line or two describing all the positive thoughts, news and activities of the day.

The month was amazing and helped me focus on all the simple joys that perhaps I was undermining and all the good things that I was not treasuring as much as their true worth. Sure there were dismal and annoying moments as well. But since, I could only include happy thoughts, I chose to focus on the lessons and the silver lining that I believe every situation has.

In fact, skimming through the pages, I realize that I have succeeded to a large extent in excluding the depressing not just from my notebook but also my life. I feel more capable of facing trivial irritations and able to handle sticky situations with a lot more style.

I’m glad that the month has been so effective. I also have been continuing with my fitness regime. I am happy to report that the thought of hitting the gym no longer fills me with distaste and has ceased to cause my face to contort with utter misery.

Happy to commence with April’s goals of Organization and hoping to continue in a similarly successful fashion.


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