February – Fitness

I began the Happiness Project only in March but what a joy it was to lay my hands on it and devour it whole. You see, the idea of taking concrete steps to improve and appreciate my life began in February. I was happy but I felt that I was not appreciating life as much as I ought to. The new year had come and a month had passed I’d already broken all resolutions except one on reading which I knew I’d succeed in. Six months of this new country and I was missing people a bit. It did not help that my ‘cuz was getting married and I was sharing the festivities and gossip second-hand. Big damper, that one.

For starters, I decided to tackle my most obvious and stickiest problem area. Fitness. A doting husband who showers you with an abundant and equal supply of love and desserts, a routine that entails minimal physical work, a cold climate and the fact that I am a hopeless couch potato resulted in giving me nice love handles. And that is something I did not want to handle. Definitely not before my first Wedding Anniversary. So, I hit the gym. Every weekday in February.

A friend and fellow sufferer of the same lifestyle mentioned rather unhappily, “Burning calories on the weekdays and Gaining them back on the weekends seems to be my fate”. And how I agree. I was not showing any signs of slimming into reasonable shape (let alone a perfect body) but at least my bulge ceased to grow in alarming proportions. And hey, I actually now fit in all my clothes. Earlier, some of my outfits made me resemble a stuffed pillow. Ouch! Thank God, I’m past that.

Anyway, I had planned to keep at this regime for a month which I did. I was eating healthy, working out and curbing my bingeing on most days. Now that I’ve decided to commence the Happiness Project, I shall keep up the good work.

My targets as set for February are:

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes every week day.
  • Eat a fruit daily.
  • For every chocolate and portion of ice-cream consumed, five minutes added to next day’s gym workout. (The thought of extra gym minutes is a fantastic deterrent for me)
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water everyday.

Hopefully, I shall be able to continue to meet these targets till the end of this year by which it should become a habit. And quite possibly, next year hitting the gym will classify as Fun and not an excruciatingly painful chore.

Important note to anybody reading this: Just because I go daily to the gym, doesn’t mean I don’t dislike it anymore. 😦 I still feel sorry for myself on Monday morning before heading to it and sore after. Sigh. Such is a life dearies!

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