How To Spend Hours Blogging Without Writing A Single Word

The business of doing nothing is hard work indeed. 

And I excel at it!

Consider today, for example. I guiltily realized that I was not writing anything in this blog and like many of my previous projects, I had run out of steam soon after the novelty wore off. But I like writing AND I wanted to write. So,  I decided -follow Nike’s tag-line and well, you guessed it, JUST DO IT!

But ace procrastinator that I am, minutes after I logged into my WordPress account, I was merrily dawdling away. Some extremely busy hours later, when my tummy loudly signaled that it was way past lunchtime, I realized that my resolve not to eat would be broken unless I wrote something and QUICK. Breakfast seemed aeons ago. And of course, it was all burned up by gymming this morning. I always gym unnecessary amounts when I see gorgeous glam dolls prettily swanking around making metabolically disadvantaged women ( read ME! ) jealous. Anyway, point is – I was hungry. Correction, I was ravenous.

I looked around the rusty corners of my brain for inspiration. Nothing. How did the time pass, I wondered? And all those moments browsing here, changing this, exploring that flashed before me. Oh, I never learn, do I was my next thought. And voila! I knew what I would write. I’d list out all the things that I did instead of writing my post. Sorry topic to be writing about? I don’t have any visitors, so who cares? Not even me when I’m hungry as a hippo, an oversize, famished hippo to be precise.

The first thing that I had done was change my theme after I stared stupidly at the monitor for long minutes. Choco is a fabulous theme on WordPress and I loved it the when I had first begun this blog. Dark and bright just like the colours I favour. Notebook/ diary background- something that a copious note-taker like me totally enjoys. And it even went with the Scrabble game photo I had added then as my Gravatar. But guess, it was too good to last. What with me not adding a single post, I decided I needed inspiration. I figured I needed to get out of the Maintaining-a-Diary-is-so-Cumbersome-Attitude. I’ve never been regular with keeping diaries and that I decided was the root cause of my writer’s block. [One of my many delightful talents is having an excuse always at hand.] So, instead of berating myself for being a lazy sloth, I convinced myself that it was the theme that was just not working out.

Enter the Chateau theme. A picture needed to be added. Oh, excellent. I searched my computer for a suitable picture. Here, I need to point out that I love looking at pictures, perhaps a little more than I love posing for photos. So, pleasant and patient browsing though all the five thousand or so odd pictures yielded two pictures. If the snap was to be my background, it would serve as an ambassador for me to all my non-existent followers. It naturally then that critically examining all the photos would consume some time. Choosing was no cakewalk either. I needed to choose from either of them or go for random where I’d leave the choice to WordPress to delight my audience, whoever they may be. I selected one. 

And then, I wrote this post. And now, I am off to a late, very late lunch. Ah, foo…ood!


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