One Word 365 – Try

Just read about the One Word 365 funda. And I totally adore it.

And my word for 2012 is : TRY!

Try means to make an attempt, to put to test, to endeavour, to accomplish. And that is exactly what I wish this year to be- an honest attempt at trying new activities, conquering old fears, tackling new ones, learning something everyday and living life to the fullest.

I’m not very sure how far I might get with this but I know I will try my best. As of last year, my resolutions last for five weeks at the max [unless it is about reading which I love]. Some reasons for this are: I am lazy, I procrastinate a lot and am always abounding with excuses. But after yet another staggering list of resolutions that I was ticking off as ‘Undone’ this year, I realized that my aim is to just sample all that life has to offer me and have fun trying new things. Enter the OneWord365 concept and I was hooked.

I thought about my one underlying wish for the year. After shooting several ideas, I stumbled upon this word. Short, sweet, concise and profound. And I thought, better write it down so it can keep inspiring me. One word for 2012- Try. So let it be written and so let it be done.

Try (that’s the way to go!) as much as I might, I’m unable to shake off the feeling that this year I will be accomplishing a lot more than I imagine simply because my resolve is to simply try. No targets. No deadlines. No pressure. No guilt trips. Just the simple joy of trying. Even failure will actually be my success, ‘coz hey- I tried.

In fact, in keeping with this positive thought, here’s what I tried today. I cut onions. I dislike onions but Hubs loves them. So, he cuts them and I cook them. Nice division of labour. Except that I need to wait for him to be home to cook anything that contains his favourite flavour. So, today, I decided – I will try cutting onions.

And I did.

30 minutes and 2 onions later, albeit in large chunks for grinding to a paste, I had finally accomplished what I’ve never done in 25 years of life- diced onions. Awesome? Wait! there is more- I also finished preparing chickpea gravy all by myself. This is a dish that I’ve always made with the darling husband’s aid since it entails the slicing of – you guessed it- Onions. A simple thing but am already feeling upbeat  about this new Mantra.

Go 2012. TRY is the new cry!

From now on- am definitely going to try saying I’ll try instead of No for anything new, daunting or plain unknown. I’m not certain where this will lead me but I’m absolutely sure of one thing. At the end of the year I will get to say “I did TRY!” 🙂

5 thoughts on “One Word 365 – Try

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  1. I love this – super inspirational! And though it’s already October (almost November), I think I’m going to make “try” the word to end the year on, and carry me through to the next. Thanks!


    1. Trying is so much better than not doing anything which was exactly how I was a year back. This year has been so much better.
      Hopefully, you too will have tried out lots of big and small activities in the next 62 days. Wish you good luck.


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