Happy Valentine’s Week- Mom

It’s Valentines week. So, I am going to post about my all my Someone Specials and why I love them so much.

God can’t be everywhere. That’s why he made Mothers!

Whoever said this was absolutely right. And that is why my first Valentine Post just has to be on Mom.

Contrary to popular ads and television productions, motherhood is no cakewalk. With twins, the troubles are doubly worse. And since one of the aforementioned bratty twins was me, I am sure my mother must have cringed many a times. But my Mom still regards motherhood as the best thing that happened to her. Am I lucky or what?

My Mom has a terrific elephantine memory. But when it comes to my errant behaviour, it’s like she has amnesia. Like all mothers, she doesn’t remember the late nights, the shrieking, squirming, pooping baby I was or the stubborn toddler who ran amok destroying things that I grew into. She only fondly remembers me as a studious teenager when actually I was moody, sulky and quite fussy. My good grades were probably the only saving grace. College saw me as a girl trying to get organized, become feminist, hate makeup, love accessorizing, and turn into an irritating and an excessively particular shopper. But mother dear always regarded it as growing into my character. She recalls only my degree, the scholarships, the job offers, the neat looks, and what she terms my classy taste.

I love the fact that she always is there for me. Even with a heavy workload, an aged mother in law and possessive husband, long commuting hours, time difference [ we are twelve hours apart] she still has the time and energy to talk to me and sound jubilant on hearing my voice. I adore that she can bear my lengthy monologues and yet, soothe me with a ‘Oh, I’ve been keeping you with all my talk. You get on with your work. ‘ when I need to disconnect to get back to whatever I’ve been tinkering on. I wish I could replicate the happy tones of her ‘Call me later when you are free.’ when I know that she waits for her baby’s call for a whole week and would love to chat for more than a scant few minutes.

Oh, I do love this woman.

What else makes her so special?

Unconditional love for starters.

The fact that she still is like a mother tigress around her cubs with me. Even though I’ve grown up into a big, strapping girl.

The way she fusses about my health, emotional well being, dressing and grooming.

I adore how she ends up being right all the time but never once pinpoints the fact.

How she never says I Told You So.

How she is always well dressed even after a ten hour work day and can sport a smile, soothe a fear and pat a frown away.

And her yummy home cooked, served-with-love food. Oh my God!

Her budgeting skills and bargaining tactics I find are as awesome as her diplomacy.

I envy the way she can see hidden talents and tweeze them out; how she instills confidence and boosts esteem in everyone she meets. [She works as the Principal of a college.]

But what I hold dearest is that optimism, that infectious joy for life. Mommy dearest, if I could inculcate one lesson from her- it would be the knack of facing life with a smile and a broad grin. Even life can’t help but melt at such an attitude.

Happy Valentine’s Day Mummy!


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