I Want to Brag A Minute

I want to brag a Minute About:

Hubbyji successfully completing his project.

Hubbyji in general

A set of amazing parents who are friend, confidante and mu guides.

My twin who is an even more awesome version of me

In-laws who are the nicest and most welcoming people I know

For my friends, who stuck by through thick and thin

My reading speed

A score of 324/340 in GRE

Cookies I baked

Apple products that are seriously too cool. Steve Jobs will be sorely missed

My years at engineering college- a fancy degree, two job offers, plenty of attitude and a great time

Always having more than enough clothes and accessories- though I was too girly in my teen age to admit, let alone appreciate it

My 2-day wedding and the fun I had being the center of attraction

My twin in her wedding- you were the most beautiful bride I have ever seen and you two rock

Having done kayaking, tandem cycling, ziplining, cruising

Being an avid reader

Being able to solve Sudoku, Kakuro and other puzzles

Acing aptitude tests

Knowing how to count my blessings

My appreciation for life and the little joys in daily routine


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