To Blog Or Not To Blog

I Blog because:

It is a channel to express my random and meandering thoughts.

I am attempting to use it chronicle my efforts at improving myself. If it is publicly proclaimed, I have to do it, right?

I like writing and what better way to indulge than to blog?

What a great showcase for my writing skills!

My friends and family suggested that I do so.

Blogging is fun [and popular]. Hence, it is on my list of Must-Try-It-Out.

It opens up other blogs that I find interesting to read.

For an opinionated female like me, it gives me a chance to comment on other people’s writing and thoughts. Good comments. I said I am opinionated not rude or insensitive.

Writing improves communication and language skills.

My typing speed improves as well.

Ten reasons, is that not answer enough for the Question framed in the title? đŸ™‚


Share your thoughts and comments here.

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