How I walked in with one love and walked out with two!

It was an unassuming 2 floors building. But I was gazing at like a child discovering many presents under a Christmas tree or an astronomer staring mesmerized at the stars.

My husband’s loud chuckles snapped me out of my reverie. He grinned and said, “I can almost see a bubble near your head screaming Yippee!” He then mumbled, “You really love books, don’t you?” For a man who says he recites book titles instead of counting sheep, it was vastly puzzling; but with a flourish and without waiting for a reply, he led me into the place I was dying to explore- the Indian Trails Library. Yes, I was gushing over a storehouse of books. I love to read. It is a passion, a stress buster and a way to unwind. I am at my happiest best when surrounded by piles of books.

And hence, library membership was a marvellous gift, my intelligent hubby knew, to rid me, his bride of 30 days, out of my homesickness. I was missing a lot of things- my parents, friends, my favourite teddy bear, eateries, even the hot and humid city I grew up in, my tropical country, everything. After several attempts to lighten me up, when not even ice-creams had helped, Hubs had racked his brain for an idea. And then it hit him like a bolt of lightning- the Library. Hence, the trip. And yes, it worked like a charm.

I wandered around the different sections, floating like an escaped balloon in the wide open skies, picking this book, leafing that, lovingly fingering this and grabbing that. An hour later, I emerged. Peering over one overladen basket full of books in my overly possessive albeit aching hands, I looked at my soulmate. “You better not forget me now that your childhood love is back!” he teased. Never, I promised as we got into the car and sped back home.

And that is how, I walked in with one love and walked out with two!


2 thoughts on “How I walked in with one love and walked out with two!

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  1. Absolutely true.
    Being curled up with a good book is my top stressbuster technique. Add in a box of chocolates and I am ready to take on anything. Well, after I am finished with the book, of course. 🙂


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